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.psd photoshop: Selling photos to photo stocks

psd photoshop - Selling photos to photo stocks

psd photoshop - Selling photos to photo stocks inside

In issue:

....Selling photos to photo stocks – you're thinking about it? Read Erlon Silva's article before you contribute!
....Create a Fire vs. Ice image using simple techniques – by Zainab Razaq
....Make your own Photoshop origami – by Benjamin Delacour
....Achieve an X-Ray effect – by Tina Foster
....Create a Halloween mood with a comic style zombie image – by Mair Perkins

....& that's not all! As always we have some interesting interviews and beautiful works of our cover artist Pedro Ferreira and Benoit Ladouceur. Let us inspire you


  • Interview with Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro Ferreira was born in Porto, Portugal in 1974.
    In 1999 he graduated in Graphic Design, ESAD – College of Arts and Design and began working as a graphic designer in a Design Studio.
    In 2000 he entered the design department of Cifial company, and since then he worked as a designer, illustrator and more recently as a digital artist.
    Some of his work has won international awards and was printed in magazines of Photoshop, photo manipulation and digital art.
    “I’m a big fan of digital art and like to create strong compositions, full of color, symbolism and emotions!”
    You can see more of his work in


  • Fire vs. Ice

    We are going create a design that makes use of a Fire vs. Ice concept. In this tutorial you will learn how to tackle such complex conceptions to achieve effective results but with quick and easy techniques.


  • Paper Girl

    Here is a tutorial made entirely in Photoshop and Illustrator CS4. I wanted to try to make something fresh and very colorful. To do this, I used images of origami. Some of the material was done in Illustrator and Photoshop but the majority comes from iStockphoto.


  • Selling photos to photo stocks

    Stock images have been significant part of my life. For more than 10 years I worked as an art Director for an advertising agency in Brazil, where I often used stock images to illustrate different ideas to my clients.


  • X-Ray Effect

    In this tutorial I will show you how toprepare and X-Ray effect using only Photoshop.


  • Rock text effect

    Text effects have always been popular in Photoshop. In this tutorial, I will walk you through how to achieve a rocky-looking text effect. I will explore some creative techniques to round out and break up almost any font to create a rocky look.


  • Comic style Zombie tutorial


  • Interview with Benoit Ladouceur

    Benoit Ladouceur is a Canadian artist based in Montreal. He has been working in the field of film and television as a digital matte painter, concept artist and illustrator for the last 15 years. He presently works as a senior matte painter and with Montreal’s Vision Globale film studio.


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