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Photoshop layers to images [ AIR application ]

To turn my PSDParser into something useful for more general use  I decided to make an Air app that enables user to drag’n'drop a photoshop file unto and saves the layers as images into a user selected directory.

Photoshop layers to images AIR application

App parses the photoshop file, finds the layers it can parse, uses the layer name as a filename. User can select the output image format as either jpg or png. Images are being cropped to their content bounding box.

If png is selected , alpha values are being preserved. If jpeg is selected, the output quality is customisable.

If “Always save to desktop” option is selected,  app  creates the directory called “_psd2imagesExport_”  on the user’s desktop and save’s the files there.

You can see and download the source files here and get the app here. { Source }

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