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The Picker 2.0

The Picker 2.0

The Picker is a very small and simple color picker utility. It sits at the top of the screen where it is always visible but still totally unobtrusive. The window of The Picker is so small that it won't interfere with your work area. You no more need to work with a color picker whose window itself takes up half of your screen. The Picker's main window shows the proximity area of the mouse pointer with 2x zoom.

This new version of The Picker also has a 4x zoom window which moves along with your mouse pointer. This window also shows the color code, the X,Y position of the mouse and the HotKeys to the current color code and pause The Picker. Yes, you also get HotKeys in this version. And if you're still wondering, this version is also portable - it does not need any installation - just run the file directly. It has been developed completely using Win32 API which allows The Picker to run on a really low memory footprint.

The Picker can show the color code in three formats: RGB color code, Long color code & Hex color code. This means that The Picker can be used for picking colors for absolutely any purpose.


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